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2014 LOBBA Grand Champion, Cantu - Secret Weapon



Live Oak Beefmaster Breeders 2014 Fall Sale

The Fall Sale featured pairs and three-in-ones that competed in a Perfect Pair Futurity. Grand champion honors went to Lot 1, consigned by Tony & Karen Psencik, and purchased by G & E Ranch & Marco Pena, Weslaco and Edinburg, Texas. Reserve grand champion honors went to Lot 30, consigned by Jerry Vordenbaum, and purchased by Victor and Alfredo Laredo, Freer, Texas.

Gross Sales $233,600 53 Lots Avg. $4,408
3N1s/Pairs $82,350 17 Lots Avg. $4,844
Bred Heifers $61,950 15 Lots Avg. $4,130
Open Heifers $43,400 14 Lots Avg. $3,100
Bulls $7,600 2 Lots Avg. $3,800
Picks $38,300 5 Lots Avg. $7,660



Live Oak Beefmaster Breeders 2013 Spring Sale

April 6, 2013
Three Rivers, Texas

4 bulls  averaged $2,825
7 3-N-1's                $2,707
11 pairs                  $2,232
19 bred heifers     $1,818
23 open heifers    $1,596


Gerardo M. Rodriguez's cattle won the first place bred heifers in the junior division.
Billy & Marie Welkener's cattle won the first place pair honor.
BAD Beefmasters won the first place in the 3N1 competition.
HT Chapman's cattle won first place in the breds, senior division.
Gaylon Oehlke's cattle won the reserve champion female, first place open heifer, senior division.
Rod Beefmaster's cattle won the grand champion honor and the first place open heifer honor in the junior division.



Live Oak Beefmaster Breeders 2013 Bull Sale

Our January 2013 Bull Sale saw 91 bulls sell for an average of $5,107. The top selling bull, which was the high grading bull, sold for $38,000 to Ray Walker, Big Spring, Texas and was from the Cottage Farm Beefmasters program. The top ten bulls in the sale averaged $14,950.


Scenes from the BBU Symposium

Pictured (l to r): Lauren Lyssy, Lawrence Lyssy, Dusty Carr, Anita and Jim Dunkin, Marie and Billy Welkener, Gary Halepeska and Bill Carr.

Members networked and promoted the LOBBA at this booth.

Crowd attending the Symposium, held in August in Waco, Texas.

LOBBA ladies find some time to work on the upcoming convention. Pictured (l to r): Nancy Allen, Dusty Carr, Marie Welkener and Anita Dunkin.



Live Oak Beefmaster Breeders Association Honored At State Capital

Bottom left to right: Saundra Lieke, Harriet Mihalski, Bonnie Siddons, Marie Welkener, Dr. Tommy Perkins. Back Row left to right:   Anthony Mihalski, Elton Lieke, Don Kasper, Bob Siddons, Billy Welkener, Rocky Carrillo, Beto Martinez, and E.C. Larkin.

A Resolution honoring the Live Oak Beefmaster Breeders Association LOBBA) was passed by the Texas Legislature on March 24, 2009.  Several members of LOBBA went to Austin to receive the Resolution that was introduced in the House by Representative Ryan Guillen and Co-Sponsored by Representative Yvonne Gonzalez-Toureilles, and Representative Tara Rios-Ybarra.  Additionally, the Resolution was introduced in the Senate by Senator Judith Zaffirini. 

“This is a great honor bestowed on LOBBA and the Beefmaster breed,” said Rocky Carrillo, who is president of the LOBBA.  No other breed association has received such an honor. 

The Resolution recognized LOBBA for its contributions in the promotion of beef cattle in the South Texas region.  The Resolution states that LOBBA has sold more than 14 million dollars   of cattle through the auction ring located at the Live Oak County Fair Barn in Three Rivers, Texas.  It recognized the commitment LOBBA has to improving the quality of the beef cattle and the commitment LOBBA has in assisting Texas ranchers in the ranching industry.

Several members of LOBBA arrived at the Texas Capital in the morning of March 24, 2009 and met with their respective State Representatives and Senators.  After a brief meeting to discuss pending legislation, the group went to the Texas Floor and Gallery to receive the Resolution honoring LOBBA.   After a luncheon at the State Capital, the group went to the Texas Senate Gallery to receive the Resolution honoring LOBBA.  In the Senate the Resolution was read by Senator Zaffirini.

After receiving the Resolution, several members of LOBBA met with members of the legislature to discuss several of the 71 bills currently pending in the Texas Legislature that will impact Texas Ranchers.   “We had several excellent meeting with our Texas Legislators, including Chairperson Gonzalez-Toureilles, who is Chair of the Agriculture Committee.  We were able to discuss the fever tick problems in South Texas, drought relief, funding for the Go-Texan program and many other issues,” said Rocky Carrillo, adding, “I look forward to a very productive legislative session.”

Members attending were Elton and Saundra Lieke, Billy and Marie Welkener, Bob and Bonnie Siddons, Donald Kasper, Beto Martinez, Anthony and Harriet Mihalski, E.C. Larkin, Dr. Tommy Perkins, Jaime Carrillo and Rocky Carrillo.  

Pictured on the Texas House of Representative Floor to receive a Resolution honoring LOBBA are: Clockwise: Don Kasper, Tommy Perkins, Anthony Mihalski, Rep. Ryan Guillen, Beto Martinez, Rocky Carrillo , Rep. Tara Rios-Ybarra and Rep Yvonne Gonzalez-Toureilles.

Pictured at the Senate visit are: top to bottom Anthony Mihalski, Beto Martinez, Senator Judy Zaffrini, Don Kasper, Tommy Perkins, Rocky Carrillo, Harriet Mihalski, Elton Lieke, Saundra Lieke, Billy Welkener, Marie Welkener, E.C. Larkin, Jamie Carrillo, Bob Siddons and Bonnie Siddons.



LOBBA and Beefmaster Cattlewomen

LOBBA and Beefmaster Cattlewomen members recently met at Dusty Carr's ranch in Fredericksburg.  This was a two day Beefmaster Cattlewomen scholarship and planning retreat.  Attending were Dusty Carr, Cindy Emmons, Kathy Skinner, Abradella Halepeska, Debbie Bradbury, Marie Welkener, Kathleen Myers and Anita Dunkin (not in photo).






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